Handcraft had our humble beginnings in 1946, when our founder went door to door selling men’s handkerchiefs. With a focus on quality and creativity in packaging, Handcraft had the skill set to grow and become an important player in what was once a staple in everyone’s household.


As times changed, Handcraft evolved, adapted, and continued to grow. In the late 90’s we began making children’s underwear with the trust of a small number of licensors.  We undertook the task of producing the best quality underwear featuring the nation’s favorite characters. Our attention to detail, packaging, and innovation ensured Handcraft would stand out as the industry leader.


Handcraft has successfully evolved and adapted, and our range of products is constantly growing to fit and align with the demands of our target market. Today we hold the rights to over 70 properties, and supply products to top retailers worldwide.  Both retailers and licensors recognize that we hold the highest standards in concept, design, and production; ensuring only the finest quality garments get to the stores. With that, we have built partnerships that will last a lifetime.


As a family business well into our third generation, we still uphold the same traditions that our company was built on and has become our mission statement today, “Provide the customer with quality, creativity and service while providing them with comfort, performance, and fun in everyday moments.” Our goal at Handcraft is to continue to focus on the needs of children and provide them with products that not only are a milestone in their development, but also a source of joy and pride.


With offices in New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, Philippines, China, and Bangladesh, Handcraft has spread its roots and continues to push the core values of the mission statement. We operate our worldwide facilities in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We look to design products, processes, equipment, and packaging that are environmentally friendly and economically viable. In addition, we encourage our employees to help support the local community. We provide funding to many charities, donate food, and toys when needed, and of course provide underwear to those less fortunate.